“It takes nine new customers to replace an old ones.” It is possible that you have heard this phrase before. But keeping those customers can be challenging and time consuming. Rewards are the best way to make a regular customer keep coming back for more.

Keeping repeat customers is one of the critical tasks for restaurant operators, because the benefits are astounding. First, repeat customers tend to purchase 33% more than new customers and they have a 107% referral rate. Second, restaurant operators also save money for keeping existing customers instead of attempting to attract new ones. Research shows that it will cost about six times more to sell a product to a new customer than a repeat one.

By rewarding its most valuable customers, it will make them feel as though they are being recognized personally. Out of 1000 companies interviewed by Incentive Marketing, 43% said that they saw an increase in loyalty member spending. These customers bring their friends with them and are great for word of mouth marketing. Rewarding these behaviors will encourage them to do this more.

The best way to hurt competitors and keep sales is to keep your loyal customers. By giving back just a little, restaurants will be telling their customers how much they value their business, boost repeat customers satisfaction and increase their spending.